Please take your time to read this.

After a lot of discussion with our current staff, I have decided the time is right to close the server. After over two years of running BBSurvival, there needs to be some good reasons why I would close the server as it has been a big part of my life for the past two years. The reasons I have to close the server are the following:

  • For a few months now, I haven’t enjoyed Minecraft as much as I used to, when we had all the problems with 1.8, Bukkit, EULA etc I thought the future of the game and the server looekd dull, and to be honest it was. I feel the game has died out, not only the server. Majority of the servers that still exist have lost a significant amount of players. For a few months, for me, running the server hasn’t been fun, it has been more of a chore, I’ve felt like I have to keep it running for the players, not for me.

  • At this point in my life, I have a lot of things going on. Very shortly I will be able to drive, which is a huge milestone; it means I can get places which I would have struggled to get to before, I can go out with my friends without relying on public transport, relatives etc, so that is what I intend to do. I live out the way of the towns, virtually in the countryside, so it is hard for me to see my friends every week, so when I can drive I intend to spend more time with them. In addition, when I went skiing I met some people who own a camp site and a farm, and I have secured a little job there in the week days, so again when I can drive I will be spending a lot of my time up there, helping them out. Another reason (which I am not going into detail) is that my nan isn’t very well, and I am spending a lot of my time round at her house with my grandad.

  • Donations, for the past few weeks donations have been lacking, and when a server costs around £60 a month just to keep running it is a lot of money to spend, without any form of income to the server. In the past, I have had to sell some items of mine and do some jobs around the village for money to keep the server going, but now I feel that with the lack of interest in the server, the donations will be hard to come by. For the few people that now play the server, £60 a month is way out of scale.

  • Many staff have resigned due to their lack of interest in the game. I won’t go naming names however around 4-5 of our staff members have left the team because they are simply bored of the game. This means that a lot of the staff members jobs, such as advertising, are being left with the current staff members who are wanted_cookie, lloydygo, Milkman2013, Graham_Hockey and myself. Again, with the lack of interest in the game this is a hard task to take on, and with us staff members all being around the same age we have a lot of important stuff going on in our lives too. So it is all just too much for us few.


That just about covers the reasons why I will be shutting the server down on 26th March 2015. The reason I will be closing the server on this date is simple. On 26th December 2014, I paid for the server, for three months. Therefore the 26th March is when the three months will expire. There’s no point me shutting the server down earlier than 26th March, because if I still have time left of the server I may aswell use it, shouldn’t I?


However, as I said before the server has been a huge part of my life for the past two years. It has made me friends, some of which I have met, such as Lloydgyo. When I first spoke to Lloyd, it turns out he actually lives around twenty miles away from me. We have been to watch Hull City play football together which was awesome and something I wouldn’t have thought I’d do back when I first made the server. But of course not all the friends I have made on the server live that close to me, and in turn I wouldn’t be able to visit them.

However the server has also made me argue with friends, at school and on Skype and Facebook etc, but it has all been a great adventure that I have loved.

To me, the server hasn’t just been a box somewhere in Chicago that we can connect to on a game where you place blocks, it has been a way of interacting with people. It has helped me with my designing skills, which I hope to progress in college. It has also helped with my technical skills on the computer which I am progressing at college at the moment.  

I’d like to thank every single person who has played the server, even more I’d like to thank every single donator that has donated to the server since 10th December 2012, I still remember the first donation I ever got from charliexmanx, I was so happy. Without a doubt, if you guys didn’t donate then I would have wrote what you are reading right now months earlier. We would never have got where we got to today, so a big thank you to you guys, you have made the server. However there is one donator that I’d like to thank more, his name is FlowTrex. Flow has donated the most amount of money to the server, for that I am extremely greatful; Flow was also a fantastic staff member who resigned from staff around a month or two ago.

But the people I’d like to thank the most are all the staff members I have ever had, and all the staff members that I currently have. Everyone from our first staff member (HumongaNUT) to our last group of staff, wanted_cookie, lloydygo, Milkman2013 and Graham_Hockey. I won’t name every single staff member I have ever had because I would be here all day listing them, but you guys know who you are. Without your efforts, again we’d not be where we are today and we would have shut down months ago. Although what really makes you guys special is the fact that you worked so hard and you never asked for a penny in return; which was great of you. You always wanted me to save the money for the server, which I think is awesome so thank you so much. However there are a few ex co owners, and one current co owner that I’d like to thank the most. These people are:

  • Belty17
  • RedSteel85
  • R35h93
  • Graham_Hockey

The reason I’d like to thank these people the most is simply because if I was to ever go away for a few days, or go on holiday etc these people always stepped up to the plate, without hesitation and kept the server running until I returned. So again, thank you so much.

Now I feel that I have said everything that I need to say, but I want you to remember that I am really greatful you came here to play, donate, moderate.

Since the Tuesday night that I made the server, at about 7pm (10th December 2012), we have managed to stay up for 113 weeks, this is equal to 792 days. 19,008 hours. 1,140,480 minutes. Which for me is a monumental achievement which I would never achieved on my own.

When the server finally closes on 26th March 2015 we would have been up for 2 years, 3 months and 16 days. 119 weeks. 836 days. 20,064 hours. 1,203,840 minutes.


Thank you very much for playing everyone, good luck in your lives and please add me on Skype to stay in touch, my name is brodders1997.


Goodbye and thanks for reading.

Say goodbye here!


PS: I will pay for the website another month after the server is closed, so people can contact other people via the site etc